The people of Afghanistan condemns British ambassador comments on’Durand-line’

By: Faheem Nazimi

The people of Afghanistan condemns British ambassador to Afghanistan’s recent revelation with regards to the validity of the the so called ” Durand-line’, in the strongest terms. It has been crystal clear to the world that the disputed Durand-line has been imposed on Afghan former government in the 19th century through coercion, threats and economic embargo and was on the basis of ted pro quo which subsequently abolished and got nul and void by the British raj in the declaration issued following the Rawolpendi agreement between Amanulla and the British colonial rulers of India in 1921. This line of demarcation is absolutely invalid and has no legal sanctity.The Durand-line is seen as a mischief committed by the colonial British rulers of India and has never been accepted by the Afghan rulers or the people ever since its imposition. The people of Afghanistan consider this ominous decision taken by the then colonial power as the travesty of the 21st century. The British ambassador’s assertion in this regards shows his stubborn pride and foolish colonial whim once again . It is considered as a flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. The fate of the Durand-line will be decided by the people of the area, the pashtun and the Baloch soon and it has nothing to do with the British ambassador to baselessly, illegally and falsely back the sanctity of the line and unnecessarily draw the ire of the Afghan public which could lead to acting out. He is clearly violating his deplomic protocole and duties and acting as a rouble-rouser in Afghanistan. 21 st century is the age of Pashtun and Baloch awakening and they will fight for their freedom to dismantle the Durand-line that has been forcefully imposed on the Pashtun and Baloch splinting their homeland. This is a clear violation of the human rights and it contravenes the Universal declaration of the human rights. The continued occupation of the Pashtun and baluch territories is no longer acceptable by the international society and democtratic forces in the world. Denying them their legitimate rights to self determination by the British progeny Pakistan is yet another flagrant violation of the International human rights that the present British government is turning a blind eye to. While condeming British embassador’s silly remarks with reference to ‘Durand-line’ calling them as deplorable once again, we strongly urge him to go back to England and dip into the British library archive and study their Afghan history it might remind him abit of the ill-fate cavagnary his predessesor in old times and forget about being too smart to kow towing to their progeny Pannjabi pakistan. He should be ashamed of himself.

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