Thunder Corps confirm the killing of Taliban shadow governor for Paktika

The Afghan military has confirmed the killing of Mullah Pir Agha, Taliban’s shadow governor for southeastern Paktika province of Afghanistan.

The 203rd Thunder Corps in a statement said Mullah Pir Agha was killed four days ago during a special military operation.

The Ministry of Interior had earlier said the group’s shadow governor for Paktika Pir Agha was killed during an operation in Gomal district of the province.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Interior, four other members of the Taliban group were also killed during the same operation.

The statement further added that the security forces also confiscated some weapons and munitions following the operation that led to the killing of Pir Agha.

Pir Agha was one of the key leaders of Taliban who had major role in planning and coordinating major terrorist related attacks, MoI added.

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