Turkey says it hit 115 Syrian posts in retaliation for killing five soldiers

Turkish soldiers gather with their tanks at a position east of the northeastern Syrian town of Ras al-Ain on October 28, 2019. (File photo: AFP)


Turkish forces have hit 115 Syrian government targets and destroyed 101 of them in retaliation for an attack that killed five Turkish soldiers in Syria’s opposition-held northwest, the Turkish Defense Ministry said on Monday.

“According to our sources, 101 regime troops were neutralized, three tanks and two cannons were destroyed and a helicopter was hit,” the Turkish ministry statement said.

The Turkish defense ministry said its troops were pushing on with bombardments on Syrian positions in the area on Monday evening.

The ministry said Turkish forces would continue to retaliate any attacks on its troops, which have observation posts in the far northwest of Syria.

Earlier, the ministry said Syrian forces had killed five Turkish soldiers, among thousands deployed there to help stem a Syrian offensive to retake the last opposition stronghold in the country after nearly nine years of civil war.

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