UN officials seek explanation from Pakistan over arrest of media tycoon Mir Shakil-UR-Rahman

The United Nations has sought an explanation from Pakistan over the arrest of editor-in-chief of Jang group Mir Shakil Ur Rahman and the restrictions over the media freedom and expression in Pakistan.

The UN Commission on Human Rights’ Special Rapporteur in a letter to the Prime Minister Imran Khan, wrote that the arrest comes in the background of limiting freedom of expression and media coverage of political life in Pakistan. “It is believed that Mir Shakil arrest is due to the Jang Group’s criticism of NAB and the government’s political, economic, and health policies,” the U.N. official said.

The letter further read that the National Accountability Bureau has warned the Journalists over their coverage of NAB and warned to use the media regulatory authority to shut their channels. Therefore, read the letter, the arrest may be due to NAB’s coverage and criticism of the political, economic and health politicize of the present government.

The UN officials sought information from Pakistan for violations of freedom of expression and the arrest of media tycoon. They sought legal grounds for Mir Shakil’s arrest and asked PM Khan to explain the steps the government has taken for the promotion of freedom of expression. The letter also asked PM Khan to explain the hurdles and sanctions to curtail the freedom of speech in Pakistan. The UN officials urged to explain why Mir Shakil has been kept in prison without trial.

The government was asked to submit a reply to the letter within 60 days separately to the allegation in the letter.

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