US-Iran tension and future of Baloch/ By: Qaazi Baloch


The Middle East has been a place of conflicts between various regional and international nations since a few decades. The most powerful nations in the region are known as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran (but after the US sanction Iran is no more power). Even though Israel and Arab states have fought several wars since 1948 over the issue of Palestine but the Middle Eastern politics has changed. Israel considers Iran one of the biggest enemies in the region. This point of Israel is being favoured by some Arab States like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. No doubt they have accepted the de facto recognition of Israel. Saudi Arabia, being the most powerful and Sunni state in the region, tries to convince the all Sunni States to become its allies. These attempts of Saudi Arabia resulted in forming an Islamic Forces consisted of more than forty States. On the other hand Iran, the opponent of Saudi and Israel also is paying huge amount of money to unite the Shia states in the region. Iran supports the Houthis, (who are fighting in Yemen against Arab Unity forces headed by Saudi Arabia and Yemen national government), Hezbollah, (fighting in Lebanon and around) Hamas (fighting in Palestine against Israel) and the Revolutionary Guards of Iran are also deployed in the entire region to counter the Israel and Saudi Arabia. There are active clashes between them the Middle East. Internationally, Iran’s allies are known as China, (the second largest Economy in the world) and Russia (the second largest military power in the world). In contrast, Israel and Saudi Arabia have the support of the USA (only hegemonic power and largest military and economic power of the world), European Powers and the Sunni Arab States. Both sides have been fighting against each other not via direct war but proxies. Currently, the US and Iran are antagonistic toward each other that may result in a catastrophic war between them.

The fired was fuelled when American President Donald Trump announces the withdrawal of nuclear deal, signed between Iran and other six major powers of the world during the Obama regime. After the withdrawal of the deal USA again announces economic sanctions over Iran. Iran rejected the US sanctions by stating that these sanctions are not legal. Furthermore, Donald Trump announces further sanctions over Iran that no state should have oil and Gas trade with Iran but some States were given immunity for a temporary period. The red light was switched on when the US announced that the temporary time has ended and these States should not have any kind of Trade with Iran. As a result, Iran has temporarily withdrawn from some clauses of the Nuclear Deal by giving a clear message to the USA that it may start its nuclear program again if the sanctions are not lifted. Consequently, the US announced new sanctions over Iran’s Steel, Copper, Iron and aluminium industries in May 2019. Besides the above, Iran also warned the US that if the US continues the sanctions over Iran then it may block Strait of Hormuz. Strait of Hormuz is located in the Persian Gulf where 40 percent of world Oil is being transported via this area.

It is also considered the lifeline of the USA. As a result of the warning, the US deployed its warships in the Persian Gulf and warned Iran that in case of any blockade the US will ultimately destroy Iran. The question of whether Iran can block the Strait of Hormuz or not is being discussed seriously by global think tanks. Some analysts argue that it would be impossible for Iran to block the Strait of Hormuz because its width is 30 nautical miles where Iran has to either deploy its warships or fix mines inside the sea. In case of any such actions the US and Europe can destroy both the warships and mines within some minutes, analysts claim. If Iran retaliates then a calamitous war may begin between Iran and West particularly the USA. Furthermore, many of the analysts are in the view that if the US attacks Iran and wins the war then it may divide Iran into several parts. According to them, the division will be based on the language, being spoken there, and population. Like other nations, Baloch, Kurd and Lurs in Iran have also subjugated. One of the parts of Balochistan (western Part) which may become a free state after the complete process as expected. Iran has a cruel status over these minorities and Baloch are not exempted. They, Baloch, are considered Sunnis and being suppressed by Iranian orthodox Mullah Regime. The Baloch are not allowed to speak, read and write in their mother language even they are punished if they take Balochi names for their children. In addition, the Baloch are not allowed to practice their culture and religion. They don’t have any proper political participation.

The region of Balochistan, occupied by Iran, has several ports and other natural resources but still, the Baloch are not given their economic rights and are being treated as slaves by the Mullah regime of Iran. Even though all Baloch, (living in Eastern or Western Balochistan) know that Iran is a subjugator and has illegally subjugated the Baloch region and illegally ruling over them which were not the part of Persian Empire historically but unfortunately they do not accept. Baloch has been fighting with Pakistan since 1948. The zigzag Baloch movement is still going on. The ongoing insurgency in the Eastern part of Balochistan has become a serious tension for Pakistan. The members of Baloch pro-freedom parties are fighting against Pakistan but don’t discuss the Western part of Balochistan, even they know it is not Iran.

The only Baloch leader who demands United Balochistan is Mr Hyrbyair Marri. He is the man who strongly supports the unity of Balochistan and considers both, Iran and Pakistan, the national enemy of Balochistan. In several national and International occasions, he has called the all Baloch leaders and parties to get united against the common enemies of Baloch. The newly established Political Party, headed by Hyrbyair Marri, Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) has a clear view against Iran and Pakistan. The FBM is being supported by all Baloch living in Western or Eastern Balochistan and the Baloch living abroad s in Europe, Gulf States, USA, Canada and elsewhere. The FBM has been protesting against the illegal occupation of Balochistan by Iran and Pakistan since its establishment in Balochistan and abroad as well.

In order to gain international support, FBM has started several campaigns both on the national and international level. It’s one of the signature campaigns is going on in Europe. The Free Balochistan Movement signature campaign in Europe titled ‘Balochistan is Not Pakistan or Iran’ is being appreciated worldwide by Baloch and non-Baloch as well. Once some German citizens talking to media said that due to this awareness campaign by members of FBM They have become aware of the current circumstances of Balochistan. Lastly, it is mentioned that Baloch patriots particularly Hyrbyair Marri and other common Baloch should stand with the civilized world should support the effort of the international community against Iran and convince them that an independent Balochistan will become a vanguard of peace and prosperity in the region. Once one part of the Balochistan gets independence then Balochistan will be soon united as people for the independent Balochistan part can support the people of the occupied part of Balochistan.

However, the Baloch must always make it clear that the final goal to regain the independence of the United Balochistan. For this, the Baloch patriots should stand shoulder to shoulder with Hyrbyair Marri and support his vision for United Balochistan. Baloch should unite to achieve their destination otherwise it would be hard to convince the world to support the Baloch national struggle for freedom. Unity is the need of time for United Balochistan but acting as proxies of either Iran or Pakistan will neither get the Baloch their freedom nor help them in any other way.

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