Warnings! Humanity is threatened with death here.

By: Faheem Nazimi 13th May 20
Afghanistan is being massacred by terrorist networks supported by the West. The west has chosen Afghanistan for the armageddon. I condemn the terrorist attacks on non-military (purely civilian women & children) and funeral targets in Kabul in the highest terms.21 persons were killed and 55 others were wounded at the funeral ceremony likewise 9 women and 3 newly born babies were killed in these attacks and dozen of other civilians were wounded. The recent barbarous attack by Taliban-Dahesh on the maternity ward of a hospital in Kabul is the highest form of terrorist savagery and terrorist capabilities demonstrated by the terrorist net-works prevalent in Afghanistan. Under the pretext of peace with the Taliban and in the wake of the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, Afghanistan is faced with yet another intensified wave of the Taliban and all other terrorist networks heinous attacks. They are primarily the same cattle of fish with an only minor difference in their objectives that they have set before them, all routed in the same version and orientation and interpretation of extreme Islam. All these brands are ironically and most unfortunately sponsored by the west, Saudi and Qatar and sheltered in and unleashed from Pakistan as the main terrorist sponsored country in the world to destroy Afghanistan and cause instability in the region. All this is part of the wider conspiracy that intends to plunge Afghanistan back into the dark days of internal chaos and turn into a home base for terrorism mainly Daesh to destabilize the region using Afghanistan as their springboard. The world must see Afghanistan as part of regional and global conflict rather than just a conflict on its own term. This is most unsatisfactory. This won’t do at all otherwise, as Afghanistan is recovering from decades of conflict to embrace a new era of self-reliance. Unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan despite the 40 years of continuous war and misery will have to pay the brunt of all this dramatic variance of the situation to turn into a permanent land of terrorism and source of instability for the world. The Taliban with the help of the West and Saudi, Qatar and Pakistan have been able to ensure and maintain stalemate in Afghanistan with neither side able to dislodge the other while Daesh is being nourished and mobilized out of the present disgruntled Afghan Taliban plus the battle-hardened Taliban from other countries such as Eghors Chines, Uzbek, Tajik and Chechen, and Pakistan Taliban and its militia forces all combined. Major Powers are raying for influence in the region. This will continue until the whole region and possibly the whole world evolve in the all-out war of self-destruction and humanity due to their greed and egoism and world domination by the few superiors. They will pay the forfeit of their own life. Humanity is threatened and a massive war is imminent in the world. Afghanistan will become a place for the armageddon, unfortunately, to pay the price.

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