What risk threat of peace?

By: Shah Hussein Mortazavi

By signing the agreement between us and the Taliban, the new season was opened for Afghanistan, the region and the world. This season is also for the people of Afghanistan with fear and worries. Although the people of Afghanistan are the main victims of years of war and thirsty for peace, they have the right to know how the view of peace has been designed for Afghanistan.

Who stops peace?

Some politicians have always announced the government as an obstacle to peace, but the fact is that the government has made peace on its work priority from at least two years to this side. The Kabul meeting, the meeting of the meeting, peace with Mr. Hekmatyar, the scholars of the scholars, the three-day fire in the past Eid, all are a sign of the serious determination of the government for peace. The war in Afghanistan is a big and multi-D war in Afghanistan. Different factors benefit from the continuation of the war in Afghanistan. The drug mafia, international terrorists, crime economy networks, the war economy and even those who benefit from huge money in the government can all be considered as an obstacle to peace.

Among the efforts to create a number of addresses by politicians can also be considered as an obstacle. The Government’s government is important in the peace process. At the same time, all efforts should be done for all the governing boards. Some politicians in the country also want to make the peace process. They think that economic interests are definitely involved in this process. This is why they have always tried on the same address. These address appeared in different meetings, but they did not have any achievement.

Conversation from the top position

The government now has a great position for peace talks. There is no fear of talks. The government has a plan for peace. The view of peace is clear for the government. It has identified danger, threats and opportunities. For the first time people and all parts are involved in this process. It’s been two years since there has been a serious debate with all parts. Our people are now an expert in this section. If any homeland is asked, they express red lines and flexible points in talks. Peace advice is a clear message. The Plan Set a basic way for the government. Otherwise, there are several consultations with people in different provinces. Now all capacity has been gathered in real estate and military parts for this. The Security forces of the country were able to take the back of 8 Districts this year. The Capacity and ability of forces have become much better. Now, at least 94 % of operations are run by security forces. In the geography of war, there is also better than the government. In Only 12 districts of the country, the office reform has not been able to make the government employees. In other districts, this process has been matched. Still, government services will be held in 85 % of the country. Taliban’s absolute control over geography is less than 20 In these areas, they cannot provide service for people. More important than all Taliban do not have the need for peace talks. The Taliban fighters (fuelwood) are in full information about this process. Most of the village and illiterate young people have been attract as fuel in the Taliban. The Taliban forces do not have a good middle with the leadership of this group who are in Quetta, scout, and Doha. In this way, the Taliban can never appear in this process.

Redline and the flexible point

The signing of the agreement between Taliban and the United States was held after 18 months. The matter of discussion between America and the Taliban was limited. They only discussed the mention of the Islamic Emirates for three months. In other issues, they went through the difficulties, but they finally reached the point of agreement. Maybe this agreement is a success for America. This agreement for the United States has both internal use and has made for its soldiers in Afghanistan, but for the Taliban and the government, this is the beginning of work. A difficult and difficult path for the government and the Taliban will start from now on.

It is clear to everyone that the agreement with the Taliban will not be signed under any “Price” Flexible will not be the “Constitution” in the first and second season. Most important of all these people of Afghanistan decide at the end. Peace is a long process. Every stage has its own body. Surely the resistance and problems will be created. This is the experience of other countries, even during peace talks, there have been difficult wars. With all this government, the government has so much flexibility in talks of the red lines. At the same time, every stage of the conversation is based on another level. So the people of the country while they raise their voice at all times, but be sure that nothing will happen in secret. There will not be a hidden deal, and the values earned and the values of the constitution should be taken care of the people with their views.

Anxiety and excuse

The major question for the people is, is America really tired of the war in Afghanistan and has turned everything behind? Will America say goodbye to all the deep achieve and relationships that it created with people, government and institutions? Will Afghanistan not be a priority for America after signing the agreement with the Taliban?

The fact is that the world has been standing beside the people and government of Afghanistan for 19 years. The World’s generous aid, especially America and Europe and some countries of the region are without example. During the time of the government, Mr. Karzai was rain from the sky of the country. A thousand $ billion is not less money, but there was no effective management for use especially in infrastructure. This money made most of the culture of corruption and corruption in a certain ring close to the previous government. Today, the works of this money are clear in the life of a limited ring, but the kabul sea has not been built yet. Kabul has no electricity yet. In the provinces of the country, poverty is still a serious problem. With all this, Mr. Ghani has tried to create strong and strong relations in 5 Rings of foreign policy. Our relationships are also defined and strategic. We are same with America in a big picture, but it is natural that in some places even peace is a difference of view. Today, it is important for the us that the civil organization, media, young generation, human rights activists and other networks that us will continue to continue the friendship and in support of the values?

But what is related to the government, these relations will be developed. The joint announcement also showed that the commitment continues. Also, NATO colleagues also have certain plans in the whole security forces.

The song of people

Afghanistan is an open and open society. The voice of people is important. This song is also heard and effective. Today people and all parts need to raise their voices. People should talk about the release of the prisoners, the main text of us and Taliban agreement, the process of talks and all processes. Different institutions, political parties, active women networks, civil society, relatives and… all should express their worries, anxiety and offers for peace.

Republic and elections

It is important to the people of the republic and the principle of elections. Taliban should also understand this important value. If the Taliban really have people power and the capacity of social gathering, they should show it in the election field. In 34 provinces, compete with different candidates in all areas. We have to respect the decision of the people, everyone has a public prayer, but this prayer should be clear and proved in the field of action.

Long process

The process of peace is long. The Taliban and the government should agree on the gathering of talks. Then there may be dozens of cases to discuss. The talking team should have an effect. The Authority of the talking team will be limited. This team will support a team in the back. In every stage, the team will change the team and the topics of some people will change. Signing the agreement with the Taliban will not be the work of the board. At the end of the parliament, the parliament or all the questions will decide about the relationship.

So people don’t expect peace for a month and a few months. This process is complicated and complicated. The Capacity needed to talk, management, plan and patience has worked. The government will take the main support of the government. It is a nature where everyone’s ideas will be taken in a relationship.

The arrival of the extreme Taliban danger?

The United States should not think that by signing an agreement with the Taliban, this group will take the way of wisdom and wisdom in politics. Ideological current always gets lost after agreement. It is also difficult for the Taliban fighters to accept this agreement. There is no doubt that Taliban military bodies will go in the middle class with other terrorist groups. We will still witness the possibility of the rise of the extreme stream against the Taliban leaders. At the same time, there is a danger on the government. If the government cannot be content with some excuses, including the release of Taliban prisoners, there is also a risk that serious protesters will be held in Kabul and provinces. They are more important than any country in the region and neighbors. How do they look at peace? Because some countries in the region have the capacity to produce Taliban model.

The Killer can’t forgive

The Taliban have martyred, injured and homeless citizens of the country for many years. The politics of the land is burnt, destruction of Buddha hits historical heritage, countless cruelty to women and insult to the girls of the country, oppression to the nations and religion of the country and.. is part of the Taliban’s records. The Taliban should apologize to the people of Afghanistan. They have the courage to apologize. It’s about people if they can forget a part of history or not? Is it possible to forget history and black pieces? But one point should not be forgotten: the killer cannot forgive.

Let’s support peace to the government.

President Ghani has the ability to manage this important process. In two years he showed that he has a great understanding and plan to manage the process. At the same time, he has understood the problems and problems well. Mr. Ghani now knows the pulse of the society after more than 80 provincial trips and several meetings in Kabul. He understands the capacity and ability of the other side and the pressure tools and their game. It is still an important value for Mr. Ghani, Republic, women’s rights, freedom of speech, and… an important value. The trust and support of the people can make the government successful in this process. Now peace is a priority for everyone. Everyone is waiting for other violence and new season to be opened in the country’s space.

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