Will shift to Afghanistan if justice not served, Zarsanga warns Pakistan

A famous Pashtoon female singer, who is well known for her Pashto songs, has threatened to shift to Afghanistan if the authorities in Pakistan fail to serve justice in her favor.

“I served the Pashto language and Pakhtuns thorough signing at different forums but now unfortunately I am wandering here and there to get my basic human rights,” she was quoted as saying in a report by local newspaper, Dawn News.

The singer was speaking during a gathering on Tuesday which was organized by Aman Jirga against the practice of usury.

According to reports, Zarsanga was wounded along with her other family members in a dispute which apparently arose due to financial issues.

Zarsanga had reportedly borrowed money from some people in Nowshera and the circumstances of repayment led to an armed clash.

According to the singer, she had borrowed 400, 000 Pakistani rupees from the people against which she has already paid 1.1 million in interests.

She said the situation for her living in the country has became critical as she is living on the roadsides at the age of 74 and despite she has received many awards from abroad including the United States for her country.

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